Collective Intelligence Tools

We conduct opinion research using tools that combine surveys and discussion forums in a graphical user interface.

Social technology that allows people to interact has become a powerful mechanism for mass collaboration and generating insight. We build and implement collective intelligence tools – such as Crowdoscope – using social media principles, text analytics and graphical user interfaces. This approach allows participants to interact and collaborate in order to share opinions and generate ideas.

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We help to establish, manage and maintain online communities to provide quick and reliable insights.

Silverman Research offers both research consulting and community management services in order to optimize and deliver quick, reliable findings from your insight community. We can help guide you through selection, planning and set up of your community ensuring your strategy reaches your optimum audience. Likewise we help you maintain an authentic panel experience for ongoing, reliable insights. Finally we utilize our unique collaborative research platforms with your community to gather validated insights through collective intelligence.

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Text Analysis

We use the latest text analysis tools to extract meaning and sentiment from written data.

Accurately and quickly extracting insights from written data has been a huge barrier in qualitative research. Fortunately, the rise of social technologies has been matched by the development of software that is able to efficiently analyze huge amounts of written feedback. The power of text analytics is that it transforms text into data for analysis. We use the latest text analytics software to breakdown, categorize and derive maximum meaning from text-based insights.

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Social Network Analysis

Social network analysis measures the ties between people to reveal insights about relationships and network functionality.

Traditional research methods focus on insights found in attribute data, data about an individual person. What they fail to do is utilize the rich insights found in relational data, data that investigates various facets of a relationship between people and groups. In this emergent field we use the latest Social Network Analysis software to gather insight on relational data, which in turn allows us to aid understanding and improve collaboration.

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