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Jul 12

1.   INTRODUCTION Traditional approaches to online opinion research can be problematic. In terms of qualitative research, discussion forums that present comments in lists do not scale well for large groups of people. Not only do they lead to information overload, they also have trouble ensuring that all comments receive equal attention (Faridani, Bitton, Ryokai, &

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Jun 25

What are Crowd Predictions? Collective Intelligence combines elements of sociobiology, psychology and political science. Ideas surrounding the benefits of Collective Intelligence originate from Aristotle but it is not until recent years that extensive research has been conducted into one key aspect of the wisdom of crowds – Crowd Predictions. The notion of Crowd Predictions rose

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Jun 12

We are excited to publish the second Podcast in our Collective Intelligence Podcast Series. This time we are joined by Louis Rosenberg, CEO and founder of Unanimous AI, a company that specialises in swarm intelligence and how it can be used to predict outcomes such as final scores of sports events and even the winners of the

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May 15

We are excited to kick-off our Collective Intelligence Podcast Series with Thomas W. Malone, Professor of Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management and the founding director of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence.  He’s the author of the book “Superminds – The Surprising Power of People and Computers Thinking Together”, which is published and available on Amazon

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Mar 14

We are living in the information age. As a result, our ability to manufacture technology and machines that far surpass our own abilities has never been stronger. Words such as “artificial intelligence”, “machine learning”, “augmented reality”, “automation” and “Internet of Things” are a mainstream on technology and innovation blogs. More and more of these buzzwords

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