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Crowdoscope (September 2019): Why I worry About the Participant Experience in Survey Research (And Maybe You Should Too)


Crowdoscope (October 2018): Action Planning Guide

Michael Silverman (September 2018): Employee Listening Technology Landscape 2018

Disruption Hub (August 2018): Social Collective Intelligence: Building Smarter Organisations and Societies

Employee Engagement: A Practical Introduction (August 2018): Employee Voice and Collective Intelligence

Collective Intelligence Conference 2018 (May 2018): Crowdoscope – An Interactive Survey Tool for Social Collective Intelligence

Copenhagen Business School (May 2018): 4 Ways Organisations can Start Using Collective Intelligence

Silverman Research (March 2018): How will the Internet of Things change your Workplace?

Michael Silverman (January 2018): The Story of Crowdoscope

Impact Magazine (Market Research Society) (January 2018): Collective Perspective


Simply Communicate (November 2017): Middle Managers Distrust Social IC

Become Communications  (September 2017): Employee Engagement and Collective Intelligence: an effective tool of measurement?

Crowdoscope (September 2017): Collaborative Cognition: When Human and Machine Intelligence Combine

Silverman Research (August 2017): Parkinson’s Law – How accurate can opinion research be?

Silverman Research (June 2017): Godwin’s Law – When online discussions overstep the mark

Silverman Research (April 2017): What everyone ought to know about sentiment analysis

Silverman Research (March 2017): Help! My pulse survey is flatlining

Silverman Research (March 2017): The secret behind viral engagement: organisational network analysis

Silverman Research (February 2017): Building purpose through listening


Silverman Research (September 2016): Enterprise Social Networks Press Release

People Management CIPD (August 2016): Unions: Is anyone listening?

Silverman Research (June 2016): Silverman Research wins Penguin Random House HR brief

Communication Director Magazine (May 2016): Transforming employee engagement using Collective Intelligence

Daily Research News Online (February 2016): Silverman and Unilever Launch Crowdoscope

Research Live (February 2016): Silverman and Unilever Launch Visual Survey Tool

Silverman Research (February 2016): The Launch of Crowdoscope Press Release


Silverman Research (June 2015): Collective Intelligence in Organisations: Executive Report

Silverman Research (June 2015): Collective Intelligence in Organisations: Executive Summary


Silverman Research and Unilever (May 2014): The Unilever Webinar Series – Finding Out What’s Important to Graduates. Part I – Sustainability.

Engage For Success (May 2014): The Future of Engagement: Thought Piece Collection

Inside HR (April 2014): Can We Ever Be Objective in Employee Research?

Reward Magazine (February 2014): What Your Staff Survey Says…

Inside HR (January 2014): Voice and Video Capture


Silverman Research (November 2013): The Future of Employee Research Report

HR Magazine (November 2013): Is the Employee Survey Dead? 

Inside HR (October 2013): 24/7 Flexibility

Silverman Research (October 2013): The Innovation Garden

Melcrum (September 2013): What to Consider When Communicating Employee Insight

HR magazine (August 2013): Research Project: Is the Employee Survey Dead?

Melcrum (August 2013): Employee Surveys: A Quaint Feature from The Pre-Social Media Era?

Silverman Research (August 2013): Social Network Analysis – Viral Employee Engagement

Silverman Research (July 2013): Do Surveys Encourage Unproductive Thinking?

Engage For Success (June 2013): The Future of Employee Engagement Research: Digital, Devices & Data

IPA (May 2013): The Future of Employee Research: How Will It Change Over the Next Decade?

Inside HR (May 2013): HR Tech – Total Transparency

CIPD (March 2013): Social Media and Employee Voice: The Current Landscape.

Inside HR (March 2013): How Social Media Culture Promises to Put ‘Community Feedback’ into Performance Reviews.


Webs of Influence – The Psychology of Online Persuasion (2012): Influence: An Introduction.

Nesta (Nov 2012): Decoding Learning – The Proof, Promise and Potential of Digital Education.

Inside HR (Nov 2012): Dismantle and Control: Social Media and Performance Reviews

The Social Media Garden (June 2012): A Digital Era Research Study into Social Media at Work

Inside HR (May 2012): Organisational Network Analysis – Making the Connection

Inside HR (Feb 2012): Employee Research Flourishes in the Social Media Garden

Social Media in Organizations (Feb 2012): The Social Media Garden – A 2.0 Organizational Research Study

Research Magazine (Jan 2012): The Social Media Garden

Strategic Communication Magazine (Jan 2012): Opinion Space – Capturing the Employee Voice to Reshape Reward Policies


People Management Magazine (Jan 2011): Should Employee Research Be More Like TripAdvisor?

People Management Magazine (Dec 2011)Engagement Surveys – A Waste of Time and Money

HR Magazine (Nov 2011): The Survey Delusion

HR Magazine (Sept 2011): Considered Responses and Authentic Voices Ensure the Data to Generate Insights Is of the Highest Quality