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Nov 15

The increased presence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within public and professional discourse has produced colourful discussions and debates concerning its likely impact on society and employment. AI is an inescapable reality of today’s Information Age with numerous existing and potential applications inspiring a variety of different responses, ranging from apocalyptic fear to fascination and excitement.

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Oct 26

From Austin to Italy, countries and cities all around the world have, in recent years, taken a stand against the taxi-service behemoth, Uber. Uber’s attitude to employment conditions, safety and tax has become too much for many places and now London is banning Uber as well. Arguably, the most high-profile location to ban the app

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Sep 13

Artificial Intelligence is an inescapable reality of today’s Information Age. Crowdoscope’s new report aims to provide a comprehensive overview on a topic that has drawn interest from multiple disciplines – discussing its impact on society, as well as its implications for market and opinion research. We advocate the narrative of AI as ‘Augmented Intelligence’, a

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Aug 23

How productive do you think you are at work? I’m not talking about very specific moments in the day – like just after you’ve had your first cup of coffee, or after a heavy lunch, (when you’re probably not as productive as you thought you were), but overall – after taking all these things into

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Jun 14

If you thought the crazed despot, Adolf Hitler, was long dead, you’re right, but you’re also wrong. Today he’s alive and well, although not in Germany – e’s much more global than that – for it’s the internet where he lives now. Collective memory When I say lives, I should probably clarify that by saying ‘is mentioned’,

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